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The old one and the first ! the roots of the roots of Mayasay.


The second album is the album of maturity and further sound research


MAYASAY has just released their second album entitled « Paradox of Nature » and it is a real masterpiece. With their unique style, MAYASAY transports us to a musical universe where Jamaican culture and rhythms are in the spotlight.

The album « Paradox of Nature » is a mix of authentic and modern sounds that highlight the richness of reggae music. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and the beat is perfect for dancing and relaxing at the same time. The band members managed to create an album that reflects their love for reggae music while adding their own personal touch.

By listening to « Paradox of Nature », we feel all the passion and the energy that the members of the group put in the creation of this album. MAYASAY offers us a musical journey through their reggae universe, a universe that exudes joie de vivre, love and peace. If you are a fan of reggae or world music in general, this album is a must-have to add to your collection.

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